Monday, December 05, 2005

A second google experiment: KidsCorner and ''outdoor trampolines chester"

As we continue with our current google experiment to get the keyword nworbxela to represent all our class blogs I propose a second (somewhat self serving) experiment. My sister runs a kids shop in the UK called KidsCorner. Currently it is ranked 11th on the keyword search outdoor trampolines chester.

Since google uses a PageRank algorithm to help rank order search results it means that sites with links coming in to the site make the site more relevant. And all the more so if the keyword phrase used to link to the site is the same as the keyword phrase being searched (remember the google bomb example).

For our second google experiment, I am asking you to create an entry on your blog that includes the following link: outdoor trampolines chester. Thus the link goes to but the phrase used for the hyperlink is outdoor trampolines chester. Lets see if we can push kidscorner to the first page of results.


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