Monday, December 05, 2005

Example Questions

Earlier than I had thought, here are a few example questions for the final. I will post the answers later on tuesday along with a couple of additional qestions.

_____ are currently the hottest form of online advertising.
a. Blogads
b. Banner ads
c. Search engine ads
d. Pop-under ads
e. Floating ads

Mobile marketing will become more important for all the following reasons except:
a. the number of mobile devices sold (PDAs, Cell Phones) dwarfs the number of PCs sold
b. mobile devices can be used to market to a consumer using GPS (Global Positioning System)
c. telephone companies can use usage data to target advertisements
d. smaller advertisements are always more effective
e. all the above are reasons for the rapid growth of marketing via mobile devices.

All the following are true about the 'PageRank' algorithm used by Google except:
a. A hyperlink to a page counts as a 'vote of support'
b. The name 'PageRank' is a pun of the name of one of the Google founders
c. The number of outbound links from the page contributes to the 'PageRank' score
d. Not only is the page ranked by the number of pages that link to the page, but also by the value of the pages (with respect to their own PageRank) that link to the page
e. All the above are true with respect to the 'PageRank' algorithm

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to your internet marketing program. All the following are essential to your SEO strategy except:
a. Identification of appropriate keyword phrases
b. Inclusion of keyword phrases in the body text of pages of the site
c. Inclusion of keyword phrases in the title tag of each page of the site
d. Network with other sites to ensure links coming into the site
e. All the above are essential to your SEO strategy

The Internet
a. has been called the third significant transformation of the retail industry.
b. has had almost no impact on traditional retailing.
c. has been called the fifth significant transformation of the retail industry.
d. has almost destroyed traditional retailing.
e. has not yet transformed the retail industry but industry analysts are very hopeful that it will in the future.


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