Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Final: answers and questions

Answers to these sample questions:

c. search engine ads
d. smaller advertisements are always more effective
c. The number of outbound links from the page contributes to the 'PageRank' score
e. All the above are essential to your SEO strategy
a. has been called the third significant transformation of the retail industry.

A couple of additional questions:

Permission marketing
a. by email is a long-term promotion strategy designed to establish a meaningful relationship with customers.
b. is spam, a short-term promotion strategy.
c. is illegal.
d. is unsolicited commercial email.
e. is an opt-out promotion strategy.

Google hacking is a result of each of the following except:
a. google's ability to recall mass amounts of data
b. including special characters in the search term to refine the search further (i.e. + to include a word; - to eliminate a word)
c. web masters placing files on the public internet that should not be so displayed
d. all the above are conditions present to create the opportunity for google hacking


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