Friday, December 09, 2005

Experiment Update: nworbxela

We are now in day eleven of our search engine experiment and there are 29 results in google for nworbxela This blog is still not included, and according to google's cache has not yet been crawled (explaining the lack of inclusion). This is odd. Google is usually quicker than that! America the Next Rome remains the current top entry. There are 11 results on Yahoo and 29 results in MSN. This site is included in MSN which is reflected in the cache. The following entry pushes Bath Rugby Fans Abroad ahead of others in MSN. The entry, however, is yet to appear in google.

Looking at the 'time-based' blog search engines there are 12 results in technorati, 35 results in google's blog search and 13 results in feedster.


Blogger philarestaurants said...

Here is an article on how to rank high on Google if you are using a blog to do so.

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