Saturday, December 17, 2005

Experiment Update: nworbxela

We are now in day 19 of our search engine experiment.

There are 71 results in google for nworbxela This blog remains number one on the list of results. Number two is still Luxury Automobiles, and number three also remains Bath Rugby Fans Abroad. Inside Dewey Beach is now number 4. America the Next Rome has now slipped to 6.

Looking at these results it seems including the keyword in the title and the URL gets the best results. This is the case for the top four listed. The fifth, Laguna Beach adopted a tactic closer to 'spamming' the keyword in an entry.

There are now 16 results in Yahoo, the one-two-three being America The Next Rome, Laguna Beach, and this class. Three days ago the first two were reversed.

Yahoo seems to reward the spamming approach more than google at this point of the experiment.

There are now 52 results in MSN. The one-two-three being this class site (moving up from 5th), The class wiki, and Bath Rugby Fans Abroad. Inside Dewey Beach was pushed to 5th from 3rd, with Laguna Beach coming in 4th.

It makes sense this class is number 1 (for the same reasons it is number 1 in google). The class wiki as number 2 is odd. The only explanation I can offer is the number of links pointing to the wiki, from sites that contain the keyword, has pushed this site up the rankings, despite the keyword:

a: not appearing on the wiki, or
b: not appearing as part of the anchor link pointing to the wiki from the sites that contain the keyword.

Numbers 3 and 4 used the spamming approach, whereas number 5 includes the keyword in the title and URL.

Looking at the 'time-based' blog search engines there are 19 results in technorati, 47 results in google's blog search and 30 results in feedster.


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