Friday, September 30, 2005

First Article Summary is due Wednesday, October 5

As noted in the project logistics entry your first article summary is due by end of day wednesday of next week. Feel free to e-mail me your ideas for an article if you wish. You could also simply note your idea on your wiki page and e-mail me once this is done if you wish. Your wiki page should allow you to 'brain dump / storm' ideas as you formulate your entry and continue to edit it. Your article summary should be approximately 200 words (+ / - 10%)

Specifics of the summary include:

For each article, you should link to the article, write a brief summary of the article, which also cites the chapter material you are referencing and the relevance to the material of the article selected. This should include page numbers from the book.

Make sure, once you have edited your wiki page you include an update on the UpDate page so I (and your classmates) know to check your work.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wikipedia: University of Delaware

One of your classmates e-mailed me about the University of Delaware's entry in Wikipedia, and I think quite rightly pointed out that it is pretty lame. You can compare it to Penn, Drexel, Temple and Maryland and see we have some scope to improve. Feel free to edit the Delaware entry in order to gain the extra credit I am offering for your wikipedia work. If you know others who are better positioned to add content to this entry, you may want to encourage them to do so. As your classmate rightly pointed out, this may well become a resource that is used by high school students to get to really understand the University. This could be a great marketing medium for the school.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Update for the Wiki Project

I have created a page: UpdatePage that needs to be edited each time you make a change to one of your pages within the wiki. I am not entirely sure the wiki works with bloglines in terms of picking up its RSS feed, so this is my quick workaround in case it does not. Students (and myself) will then need to only check one page to see if there are relevant updates to the pages we are 'managing' and 'contributing' and 'grading'.

I am also asking you to take your chapter intro page and cut it back to a 200 word entry about the team. As of now you each have separate entries about yourselves within the page. The 200 word entry should include links to each wikipage for each team member as well as a link to each team member's blog.

Project Class

For class today we are going to cover the details of all the project work now that you have had decent exposure to each of the technologies we are using. We will spend some time detailing the following diagram that illustrates the blog project work.

Thanks Eliza

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Comments: Things you can do.

To eliminate comment spam, and to get an e-mail once you have received a comment on your blog, you can go to your blog settings / comment settings, and make the necessary adjustments.

To eliminate comment spam.

To get an e-mail when you receive a comment include your e-mail in the last dialogue box on the same settings page.

Bloglines Subscriptions

By this time you should be starting to use your bloglines subscriptions to read news and classmates' blogs online. This includes you having subscribed to at least five classmates blogs as well as other outside resources that have an RSS feed. Many of these are listed on this blog. While a few of you have yet to include additional resources (now I can check by viewing your public subscriptions) the following are good examples of being 'compliant' with this aspect of your project work (and using folders to organize the bloglines account):

Add Contact Information to your Blog

As a blog owner, it is important to allow people to contact you if they have follow up questions they prefer not to leave in the comments section. It would also be helpful for me to provide you feedback if your e-mail address was included in the left hand column of your blog. To do this add the following code to create a hyperlinked e-mail address:

<A HREF="mailto:youre-mailaddressgoeshere">Whatever you want to include here (perhaps your e-mail address again)</A>

An example of this can be seen here, under the heading 'My Contact Information'.

More on how to edit your template is here.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Guest Speakers via Skype

Presuming I can make the technology work we will have two guest speakers in class tomorrow (Monday, September 26) who will be discussing their business as it relates to launching an online presence, a theme from Chapter 4.

The first speaker (2:45 pm) will be Graham from Clear Admit. Graham will discuss the life of his business to date, its dependancy on its internet marketing strategy and offer some surprising statistics.

The second speaker (3:15 pm) will be Toby from Diva Marketing. She will discuss her decision to use the internet to promote her business, despite her more modest technology skills. She will also discuss her decision to create a blog (to compliment her traditional 'brochureware' site), the successes she can attribute to her web presense as it relates to her business, and her ideas for her future use of the internet.

Toby will use the following slides.

If you get a chance, please take a look at both sites before class and we hope you have some interesting questions. I am really looking forward to seeing how this class works!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

We've been Blogged!

Its always 'fun' to see who is referencing your blog. As I mentioned in class yesterday, its essential to include sitemeter in your blog to identify blogs that are providing links to your blog. As I looked at the sitemeter referrer statistics this morning I discovered this post mentioning this class blog. Steve mentions our blog because he noticed referrer statistics coming from this blog to his as a consequence of this blog entry which includes a link to one of his articles.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wikipedia Extra Credit

As noted in the syllabus, there is an opportunity for extra credit once you have successfully edited an entry in wikipedia. I wanted to point you to a classmate's edit in wikipedia: Jessica Simpson and you can see Becky Corlett's work noted in the 'history' section (September 20); her entry having been edited by someone else shortly thereafter.

I would encourage those doing this to then add a link from their blog to this work.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Additional Resources for Chapter 4

For each chapter I will post additional resources. Students who are covering the particular chapter are free to use these links, or other links, for their wiki project.

Classmates' Blogs

From time to time I will post a few of your classmates' blogs to discuss in class. Dolphins in Detroit 06 includes a brief, but simple introduction on the left hand nav. and also includes Jason's bloglines subscriptions. Luxury Automobiles includes a list of friend's blogs and a list of additional links (which currently includes the link to the author's wiki project). Travels in Italy also includes links to classmates' blogs.

We will look at each of these tomorrow and also go over how to include content on the left hand nav. of your template. How to edit your template should get you started. The following is the project scope of the blog. As part of 'other relevant resources' noted in bullet 7 of the project scope, you should also consider adding the following over the course of the semester:

  • Sitemeter: track how many visits you receive and the referer URL. Listed under 'other resources' and an example at the bottom left.
  • GoogleAdsense: run advertisements served by google that are 'contextual'. Listed under 'other resources'.
  • Your contact information: if someone wants to contact you ?
  • Amazon Affiliate Links: create an e-commerce site. Listed under 'other resources' and an example with the class text from Amazon.

Chapter 4 Slides

Are here. These slides may be updated again before class. If this is the case I will edit this entry to let everyone know. If there are further updated, it will only be small updates so printing these out is fine.

Monday, September 19, 2005

KeyTerms, collectively defined

I have added a page on the class wiki: keyterms. As described:

This page will serve a few purposes:

  1. Allow students to identify keyterms and define those terms. Other student can then add to those definitions as they see fit.

  2. Allow students to learn the process of collaborative work in a safe environment (i.e. this won't count for your project grade but can be added for extra credit)

  3. Serve as material that will be covered in the mid term and final (i.e. if the keyterm comes from material up to the mid term, a question will come up in the mid term about this keyterm, so you have a chance to define the mid term and final).

What should you do?

You can either start a keyterm definition or add to another definition. To start a definition simply list the term, in bold, as a header to a paragraph. The paragraph should then explain the keyterm. To add to a definition, simply edit the work that currently exists. If you start a keyterm definition, you are also responsible for monitoring that definition overtime.

The Future of Media; The Future of the Web ?

Media: EPIC
Web: The Best of the New Web

Sunday, September 18, 2005

eBay's Skype Acquisition

One of the areas of real growth in terms of internet use is that of internet telephony. This is further highlighted by the recent transaction of eBay's acquisition of Skype. eBay purchased Skype for $2.6 Bn (plus $1.5 bn in incentives if Skype meets future performance targets) despite Skype only reporting $60 m in revenues and no profit to date. Skype does have 54 million users and acquires more than 100,000 new customers a day, but clearly the transaction is about synergy, future growth of the skype customer base, which will result for the most part by the rapid growth of internet telephony. The following two blog articles offer insights into the merits of this transaction.

We can also take a look at eBay acquires Skype and you can subscribe to this search result in your bloglines account by subscribing to

Blog Hub Strategy

While I don't expect your blog to ultimately become a 'hub' for its 'space' this article discusses the merits of turning your blog into a hub. This is something I focused on here and now here. We will take a quick look at this in class tomorrow. Thanks Toby for the 'heads up'.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Project Compliant To Date

In order to be compliant with the project requirements to date please make sure:

  1. Your blog is listed on this site (left hand column) and includes two postings.
  2. Your public subscriptions are listed on this site (next to your blogs) and you are subscribed to the class blog. If this is not the case make sure to e-mail me your web address for your public subscriptions (to do this follow these simple guidelines)
  3. You have included your introductory entry on the class wiki. (to do this follow these simple guidelines)

E-mail me if there are problems with the above (use the subject header: BUAD477).

Interesting Beta Launch

Google has launched a blog search engine (About Google Blog Search). This will compete with technorati and feedster. Try all three and see if your posts are appearing ?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Additional Resources for Chapter 3

For each chapter I will post additional resources. Students who are covering the particular chapter are free to use these links, or other links, for their wiki project.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Chapter 3 Slides

Are here. These slides may be updated again before class. If this is the case I will edit this entry to let everyone know. If there are further updated, it will only be small updates so printing these out is fine.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chapter 2 Slides

Are here. These slides may be updated again before class. If this is the case I will edit this entry to let everyone know. If there are further updated, it will only be small updates so printing these out is fine.

Additional Resources for Chapter 2

For each chapter I will post additional resources. Students who are covering the particular chapter are free to use these links, or other links, for their wiki project.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wiki Teams: Getting Started

The steps to complete by next wednesday, September 14:

  1. Send me an e-mail to request access to the class Wiki (to gain your ID and PW)
  2. Create your wiki page (the convention ChapterNumberLastname)
  3. Add your introduction to the ChapterPage

The following are your Wiki teams and chapter assignments:

Team A: ChapterFourteen
Marisa Alvelo
Pedro Moore
Kerri Warner

Team B: ChapterTwelve
Jason Beinstein
Heather Hart
Eric Mollo

Team C: ChapterEleven
Katherine Alexo
Greg Friedrich
Erin Moore
Jennifer Ruzzi

Team D: ChapterTen
Jessica Bader
Rebecca Corlett
Jennifer Houser

Team E: ChapterNine
Lauren Gaites
Victoria Paccione
Lauren Sabol

Team F: ChapterEight
Amy Gahr
Brian Romig
Jodi Rudden

Team G: ChapterSeven
Ross Cunningham
Dimitrija Georgiev
Kyle Wilt

Team H: ChapterSix
Brittany Boyle
Katherine Kosinski
Stefanie Spatola

Team I: ChapterFive
Kristin Berglund
Meredith Bratus
Kathy Sypek

Team J: ChapterFour
Aimee Fajiculay
John Grace
Jay Krukowski

Team K: ChapterThree
Molly Levin
Greg Mannering
Christian Marchan

Team L: ChapterTwo
Laura Marshall
Mary Mauro
Doug Moore

Team M: ChapterOne
Mark Pecorella
Jonathan Shellam
Tom Walsh

Materials to Review
Please review the following project outline. You can also review these 'how to' guidelines. Note there are articles on Wikis at the bottom of the left hand column of this blog for further reference.

Getting Started.
For next wednesday (September 14) you need to have completed your intruductory assignment:

An introduction of you and your group members, links to each of your blogs, and each of your individual chapter pages (each team member will create your own chapter space to host the article summaries you create). These introductions should be under the heading 'Team Introduction', on your ChapterPage (i.e. if you are a part of the ChapterOne team your wiki page for the team is The total word count for the introduction of all team members should be 200 words, + / - 10 %.

Get your Wiki Account Information
To begin this you first need to send me an e-mail, so I can invite you to the project (and provide your ID and PW). Please send me an e-mail to with the subject header "BUAD477 WIKI INVITE".

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Additional Resources for Chapter 1

For each chapter I will post additional resources. Students who are covering the particular chapter are free to use these links, or other links, for their wiki project.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Chapter 1 Slides

Are here. These slides may be updated again before class. If this is the case I will edit this entry to let everyone know. If there are further updated, it will only be small updates so printing these out is fine.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Wiki (Jotspot): Simple How To Guide

Class on wednesday will discuss the Wiki project in more detail. Once this is discussed the following tips will enable you to begin this project. The scope of the project is articulated here.

As you begin your wiki team project you will need to know how to create additional wikipages; how to link a word to a different page and how to link to outside resources on the web. All three tasks are straightforward, but this is designed to get you started.

Naming Convention
For the project you will have been assigned a chapter along with 2 - 3 other classmates. Each chapter is named with the following convention; for chapter one the wiki page is ChapterOne (note the capital letter on the second word and no word spacing, this is the convention necessary for the design of the wiki space.) For chapter two, the wiki name is ChapterTwo etc. Each of you needs to create an additional page, that hosts the article summaries you begin and manage. You should use the following convention, assuming you are part of the chapter three team and your last name is Brown; ChapterThreeBrown.

Creating your Wiki Page
Your first step, before creating your first article summary, will be to create your wiki page. To accomplish this simply:

  1. Go to your assigned chapter page
  2. Click on the 'create page' button on the horizontal nav. above the header of the page
  3. Type on the wiki name for the page, in my demo it would be 'ChapterThreeBrown', press 'go'. This page is now created, and displayed, it is that easy!

Linking to your Wiki page
Linking to your wiki page is very straightforward, both within the wiki itself, and as a URL on the internet at large (you may consider linking to it from your blog for instance).

To link to the page within the wiki:

  1. As you create text simply type out the WikiWord for your page. So in the above example, each time I type ChapterThreeBrown I would be creating a hyperlink to the page 'ChapterThreeBrown', assuming this page has already been created. Very simple.

To link to the page from the internet at large:

  1. Simply use the URL Note: if I had created the page when I was at the WikiHome page, rather than the ChapterThree page, the URL would not include the ChapterThree element.

Linking to Outside Resources
Part of your article summary assignment is to link to outside resources discovered via google etc. To do this as you type out your text you will need to highlight words within the text which will then link to the resource. From the example on:

  1. First step is to highlight the appropriate text, I highlighted 'class blog'.
  2. Click the 'insert web link' option (looks like a chain)
  3. In the dialog box add the appropriate URL (
  4. Also add a Title, this appears as someone places their 'mouse' over the link before clicking, in this case I added 'My Favourite Class'; the select 'OK' You are finished.